Substance Use & Mental Health Treatment

Are you or a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder, a mental health concern or another addiction or behavioral health issue that you need help with? We treat drug addiction, alcohol addiction, trauma, mental health concerns, gambling addiction and other process addictions.



By remaining small, we can focus on each individual’s needs, their family system, and the environment in which they live.

We know some of the larger facilities have a lot to offer. We know some of these places are like paradise. We are looking for an internal paradise, an internal transformation. We too have a lot to offer. We are located in a beautiful, safe environment. We are surrounded by peace, serenity and beauty. We focus on our therapeutic processes to bring forth a transformation of mind, body and spirit. We are set up to eliminate many distractions so participants can really focus, heal and get well. All of this leads to a better chance at a full, successful recovery.

At Recovery Solutions, we help you and your family find solutions. We offer the help, support and the hope needed to live a clean and sober life. Recovery is possible. Your addiction does not have to control you and those around you, if you are ready to accept the help needed, we can guide you through the next steps. Call us today. Hope Heals, We Help!

Our Licensed, Certified and Master’s Level Clinical staff is dedicated to helping and healing our participants and their families. Through an integrated approach, we promote the resiliency of each person. Providing each individual with encouragement, support and guidance, this resiliency can be used to establish a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle for those who choose to incorporate change.

Our full-service addiction treatment center focuses on the treatment of co-occurring disorders, substance use disorders and mental health concerns. We provide a full clinical assessment to determine the level of care that would be appropriate for each participant’s recovery. We offer multiple treatment options such as our Partial Hospitalization Program, our Intensive Outpatient Program and our Individual Outpatient sessions. Those participants who utilize the supportive housing component are given the additional support services of transportation, activities and housing when applicable. Our participants and families can take comfort in knowing that they are getting the care they need in a secure and safe environment.