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Benefits of Working With a Certified Trauma Therapist

Searching for a “therapist near me” can sometimes yield unwieldy results, especially if you are searching for a certified trauma therapist to help you sort through complex trauma. At the drug rehab centers of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Apopka we have certified trauma therapists on staff to help our patients gain the tools… Continue Reading
Jan 2 2018
Opioid withdrawal symptoms near Apopka

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms & The Need For Help

When you decide to stop abusing opioids, you are making a brave decision to better your overall health. However, opioid withdrawal symptoms are a very real thing that can affect those who are recovering from an opioid addiction. Addiction treatment centers, such as Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, can help you in handling your opioid… Continue Reading
Dec 19 2017
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Managing Triggers & The Desire To Drink or Use

At any time of year it can be difficult to deal with the triggers that may come. The desire to drink or to use may be worsened by something inconspicuous. The trigger may affect you suddenly and may leave you in a wake of turmoil. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora understands how… Continue Reading
Dec 18 2017

Trauma Triggers During the Holidays & Ways to Overcome Them

Trauma triggers can hit at any time of year but for those who are dealing with substance abuse, the holidays can make one especially susceptible to triggers. There are a number of things that can help you cope, including trauma counseling, but it is important first to discuss what these trauma triggers can be and… Continue Reading
Dec 12 2017