For many acknowledging the fact that you need help is never easy but when we finally seek help for our addiction it is one of the best decisions a person can make.
As a former client of Pamela’s who deals with depression, anxiety, panic attacks as well as addiction I can speak for her passion and dedication in the field. Before meeting Pamela I’ve been to other treatment centers, talked to multiple therapists & psychiatrists but nothing really clicked. Ms. Pam found a way to reach me. Throughout my own treatment process I was angry, afraid , and struggled a great deal. Ms. Pam endlessly worked with me and never gave up. She believed in me which ultimately taught me to believe in myself. I learned a lot from Pamela & a lot about myself through the whole experience. I have so much respect and gratitude for you Pam. Thanks for showing me there is a better way!

— Jen D

I’ve been through your program and its help me our tremendous with my addition problem. You help me realize that the drug was but the symptom and that there were a lot of under lining issues, which are my core issues which stem all the way back to childhood. I did assignments and processed them in a group and in 1on 1 session’s.
Your program has resparked hope back into my life and I’m truly grateful to you and your beautiful center… Much love and thank you.

— Joseph O

Paraphrasing Michelle Obama” when someone goes low, we go high”. Recovery Solutions helped my family move from low too high in a gentle thoughtful approach that has been truly miraculous. Thanks to the staff and clients for being there and supporting us through

— Shaka M

I have attended several rehabs with little to no success. However Pamela Hand was one of the most intelligent and influential counselors I have had. This was the first rehab which I showed improvement and I was actually awoken to the fact that not only do I need help but I want help. I’m very grateful for the help I was received and I would recommend this place to anyone seeking recovery or on the fence. They say don’t leave five minutes before the miracle happens. Maybe you or a loved one will be awoken too.

— Brian B

As a parent of an addict Pam really helped my daughter through some very rough times as well as our whole family. Thank You for giving us back our daughter!!!We love you, respect you and are eternally grateful

— Cindy W

I came to Recovery Solutions a complete broken mess, hopeless, with my life ONCE AGAIN spinning out of control. I expected just to be told to just stop my behavior and fed some motivational nonsense about how I have so much to live for and to be “scared straight”…What I found instead has completely changed my outlook on life in so many aspects. Pam and Heidi are the most AMAZING and caring people who obviously love sharing the gift they have for helping others truly understand WHY they do what they do, without judgement, and how to truly love yourself again (or for the first time) and how to evaluate your thoughts and feelings in an honest way to have a whole new approach to life. They literally helped me SAVE MY LIFE! I am over 40 days clean off all substances and alcohol and CLEAN IN MY THOUGHTS for the first time in 20 years. I have HOPE for the first time in my adult life.
I had thought some of the reviews were BS and too good to be true when I first thought about going through with this… BUT I am a living testimony today that this program works IF YOU HAVE AN OPEN MIND and NOTHING TO LOSE with EVERYTHING TO GAIN! Truly AMAZING, caring, and talented people here… NEVER GIVE UP!

— Luke
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